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Honoring Our Nurses During National Nurses Week

In honor of National Nurses Week, we're highlighting some of our incredible nurses across Arete Living, nominated by our team members. Arete Living proudly manages Avamere Communities, The Stafford, and Ovation.

Below are our nominated nurses. Thank you to our nurses and all those across the industry for all you do to selflessly serve!

Avamere at Wenatchee nurses

Nominated by Matt Laws

The four nurses I have worked with at Avamere at Wenatchee have been nothing less than professional, kind, welcoming, and have answered all questions on the spot. Their underlining tone of there are no dumb questions and we're here to work as team is how I have perceived their department.

CJ Chin, Regional Nurse Consultant, Arete Living

Nominated by Brittany Burnett, Resident Care Coordinator, Suzanne Elise

CJ is currently working in our building Suzanne Elise while we are looking for a permanent RN. He has been just simply amazing. He goes above and beyond to care for the residents and puts himself on the floor to actually see and provide the proper care to the residents and their needs. He is knowledgeable of the policies and procedures inside and out he makes the job look easy! We wish we could keep him forever. He gets the job done efficiently and have some laughs along the way. I have seen many nurses over the 11 years I have been employed with Avamere/Arete Living, and he hands down is the best in all areas. We are so lucky to have him in our building.

Nominated by Katherine Alderson, Assistant Administrator, Suzanne Elise

He makes everyone's life complete. He is the most hands on nurse I've experienced with in this company and always willing to take time to educate. He fits in with all of our staff so well! He is so positive and supportive and very responsive. Can't say enough about him. He is also covering another community as well! I wish we could keep for our community! I’ll be sad when we don't get to see him every day.

Nominated by Beth VanElswyk, Director of Sales & Outreach, Suzanne Elise

CJ is everything you want from your nurse; professional, knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate with a wonderful smile and sense of humor! CJ you're the best and we love you!

Nominated by Pam Baldridge, Executive Director, Suzanne Elise

He’s been covering at our building for the last several weeks, and I’m pretty sure there is no better nurse on the planet! CJ has quickly earned the trust of both our residents and staff and could not be a better fit for our community. I wish he would stay forever! I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on and off over the years, as he was formerly our RNC, and he has always been amazing. He knows Avamere/Arete Living policies inside and out and is an exemplary example of what a nurse should be. It’s hard to find all the words to accurately describe how wonderful he is. We are so grateful for everything he is doing here at Suzanne Elise.

Denise Ralls, RN, Director of Health Services, Avamere at Sandy

Nominated by Kaliann Brewster, LPN, Avamere at Sandy

Denise is the embodiment of "best practice nursing.” She is our "words of wisdom" when we need reassurance. Throughout her 20 + years of nursing she has loved, cared for, and taught. WE LOVE HER!

Nominated by Garret Pittman, Business Office Manager, Avamere at Sandy

Denise oversees the entire care team at Avamere at Sandy. Her dedication to the residents’ health and wellness is only surpassed by the love and kindness she shows her employees and residents alike. She is retiring in July; she should be noticed for the accomplishments of her long career with Avamere/Arete Living and the relationships she has forged with residents and resident family members. She is what holds together Avamere at Sandy.

Elizabeth Wright (Liz/Lizzie), LPN, The Arbor at Avamere Court

Nominated by Jesse Band, RN, BSN, Avamere at Albany and The Arbor at Avamere Court

She enhances the lives of our residents and employees. Since she started, she has quickly implemented new procedures for doing things that help our staff and create better results and timely responses for our residents and their care. She is very thorough and detail oriented. She wants the best outcomes for our residents and works hard to coordinate care for them and their families. She has been a wonderful addition to our building.

I am so grateful to work with her and all the other staff appreciate her and all the work she does as well.

Jesse Band, RN, BSN, Avamere at Albany and The Arbor at Avamere Court

Nominated by Samantha Attebery, Executive Director, Avamere at Albany

Jesse has a positive attitude and has always ensured the resident is put first and is well taken care of, whether that be by us or our outside agencies. Jesse came from a hospital setting to senior care and she has fit right in with all of us in both communities.

Kaliann Brewster, LPN, Avamere at Sandy

Nominated by Patricia Pittman, Sandy

Kaliann Brewster has rendered nearly a decade of dedicated service to Avamere at Sandy, where she attends to the needs of residents in both assisted living and memory care units. Her unwavering commitment to her profession is evident through her positive outlook, clinical expertise, and exceptional support for her colleagues and the entire team. Mrs. Brewster has also established strong community connections and fosters meaningful relationships with residents and their families. Her unwavering devotion to each resident is profound, and she has been known to shed tears when they pass away, as they transition to their eternal abode. She personifies the essence of nursing!

Nominated by Allen (AJ) Horen, Director of Sales and Outreach, Avamere at Sandy

Kaliann is attentive, caring, and most importantly patient with our residents. She improves their quality of life and takes an interest in their lives. Kaliann is a healer and that power is with her every day.

Kathy Westcott, RN, Director of Health Services, Avamere at Port Townsend

Nominated by Cody Griffith, Director of Sales and Outreach, Avamere at Port Townsend

For her empathy and availability of our assisted and independent living residents and staff and always available for assessments and new inquiries questions with DOS for the best fit for our community.

Watch this video of Kathy with a special message for those who visit our community:

Linda Dare, LPN, Ovation Sienna Hills

Nominated by Cindy Badger, Executive Director, Ovation Sienna Hills

Linda Dare has worked for Ovation Sienna Hills for the past year. During this time, Linda has faced many obstacles. She has remained a positive force for good in our community.

Linda is always ready to help, to pick up an extra shift, to stay longer, and go the extra mile. Like the Goodyear bunny, Linda keeps on ticking. Giving residents the care and love they need. Encouraging staff, to hang on a little longer, because things will get better, and leading by example.

In addition, Linda provides stellar care. Recently, while helping a resident participate in an activity, Linda snapped a photo of the resident giving another favorite resident a hug. Linda then, on her own time, printed the picture out and framed it. This picture is now a treasured memento from a wonderful day here at Ovation Sienna Hills.

Linda Swanson, RN, Director of Health Services, Avamere at Sherwood

Nominated by Megan Kerekes, Clinical Liaison, Avamere at Sherwood

Linda is a bowl of endless knowledge. She has helped me a lot with learning the rules and differences that come in working assisted living. She is good at helping to make sure things get done even when her RCC is working the floor. She keeps a close eye on our residents and catches anything that might be out of their baseline. Probably most importantly she doesn’t get upset when she receives calls and texts all the time from our HCCs because she knows that they rely on her to make important choices to keep our residents safe and healthy.

Linda Ward, RN, Ovation Heartwood Preserve

Nominated by Ginger Apprich, Community Relations Manager, Ovation Heartwood Preserve

I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Linda many years ago in a smaller assisted living community, and her compassion, respite, dignity and true professionalism have not only continued at Ovation, but are exceptional.

Linda is not a nurse because of the money, and with that said she does give back a lot of her money, as she always has special treats for her staff (candy, healthy snacks, etc.). She works as a nurse because she WANTS to help.

The relationships she has made not only with her residents, but many families are plentiful. Families trust her, residents trust her, and she does not just stop the relationship once a resident passes away. As with her staff, she goes above and beyond to send families cards, plants, and encouragement, letting them know they truly are important to her.

Linda is highly skilled and passes on her skills to others who want to learn. She is happy to shadow and mentor others and likes to lead by example. She lives all of the Ovation core values every day.

Outside of work, she makes a point of finding seminars, online classes, and blogs that help her remain sharp and innovative.

She has years of experience in senior living. From home care to hospice and everything in between, being a nurse is her passion, and it shows. She makes a point on day one to get to know every single resident and their family member. She has positive encouraging messages on her white board and her smile … she is always happy!

I could go on and on, but to know her is to love her! She is the BEST of the BEST!

Rosie Geier, RN, Director of Health Services, Avamere at Oak Park

Nominated by Jennifer Shaw, Director of Sales and Outreach, Avamere at Oak Park

Nominated by Debbie Vick, Executive Director, Avamere at Oak Park

Rosie at Avamere at Oak Park is the most amazing nurse!

She not only takes care of the residents but always has a moment for an employee in need of a hearing ear, band-aide, or to answer any questions. No question is too small, and training is high on her priority list.

No matter how difficult a day, she has a way of making each individual feel special.

Our home health teams and doctors' offices are so appreciative of her follow-up and attention to our resident well-being.

Rosie is always happy to step into the fun, as we all know a smile and a laugh can be some of the best medicine!

She doesn't like to be front and center, but she definitely deserves recognition for being an awesome person and an AMAZING nurse! Thank you, Rosie, for your dedication to us all!

Shannon Amonson, RN, BSN, Avamere at South Hill

Nominated by Jackson Williams, DSO, South Hill

Shannon embraces and lives out the Avamere mission by attending to the complex healthcare needs of our residents with compassion, dignity, grace, patience, and respect. She fosters an environment of collaboration amongst the team and nurtures and supports her colleagues to achieve the highest degree of excellence. She embodies the spirit and attributes of those that have received the highest award in nursing, the Florence Nightingale Medal, which honors a nurse who embodies “exemplary services or a creative and pioneering spirit in the areas of public health.” We are blessed beyond measure to have Shannon Amonson, RN, BSN, at the helm of our health services team!

Sydnee Foster, LPN, and Jon Ibanez, LPN, Executive Director, Avamere at Cascadia Village

Nominated by Jesika Skelton, Life Enrichment Director, Avamere at Cascadia Village

Sydnee, our LPN, and our Executive Director Jon, who is also an LPN, focus on giving our residents the best care possible. Thank you, Sydnee and Jon, for your dedication! We appreciate you both!

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