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Thank You to Our Nurses

In honor of National Nurses Week, I want to personally thank each of our nurses for your incredible dedication and service to your residents. Nursing requires several attributes and skills to provide the high level of care you offer, and I see these in each one of you during my visits to communities.

Nursing takes serving with excellence – the Greek meaning of arete is “excellence,” the inspiration behind our company name, Arete Living. The day-to-day as a nurse requires offering exceptional services to provide the quality care our residents need and deserve – and I see this in our nurses in the way they serve.

Being a nurse takes leadership – our nurses in director of health services roles lead their team of nurses as they make important decisions to best serve and care for our residents.

Nursing takes grit – it’s a hard job, often with long hours. It takes real grit and determination to show up every day and devote the high level of focus and love your job requires.

This job takes passion – passion for the quality of people’s lives, which is one of our core values. Our nurses truly live this core value each day as they provide quality care for residents.

And of course – this job takes integrity, another one of our core values. Any job in senior living requires integrity, and especially in our nurses involved in the daily care of our residents.

Your excellence, leadership, grit, passion, and integrity are all a key part of your community’s success and our company’s success, and we truly wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

Today during Nurses Week and every day throughout the year, thank you for all you do.


Sarah Silva, President

Arete Living

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