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7 Short Stories to Celebrate Diversity Month

Updated: May 3

April is Celebrate Diversity Month – but we can celebrate diversity all year long! Here are seven stories from a few of our incredible teammates that amplify diverse voices and experiences.

Areté Living proudly manages Avamere Communities, The Stafford, and Ovation. These are stories from our teams across our senior living communities.

Amy Stirling’s Impactful Contributions to Avamere at Bethany

In honor of International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, we got to know more about Amy and her work at Avamere.

Amy has dedicated 12 years of service to Avamere at Bethany, serving as a Life Enrichment Assistant and Server. Her preferred tasks involve calling bingo, maintaining cleanliness, and organizing the snack bar. Discover the joy and love she brings to Avamere at Bethany and everyone she interacts with.

Honoring Deaf Awareness Month

Every September is Deaf Awareness Month. Some of the residents and team members at our Deaf and Deafblind senior living community, Avamere at Chestnut Lane in Gresham, Oregon, shared their experiences and how we can make the world more inclusive for those who are Deaf.

Watch the video below!

Adoption, Family, & Service: Jackson Williams’ Story

Jackson’s story is a testament to the power of diversity and the impact it can have on one’s life. Born in Calcutta, India, Jackson was adopted at two months old by a couple in Washington state. Discover where he found support, how he embraces his Indian heritage, his “pay it forward” mindset, and more.

Jackson is the Sr. Director of Sales and Outreach with Avamere at South Hill, a senior living community in Spokane, Washington.

Brain Aneurysm Awareness: Jessica’s Story

A brain aneurysm ruptures every 18 minutes in the US. Discover the story Jessica Clemence, who calls herself one of the lucky ones who got treatment for her brain aneurysm at 38 years old.

Discover her personal journey and how she honors her mother’s legacy through advocacy.

Jessica is the Director of Sales and Outreach with Avamere at Cascadia Village, a senior living community in Sandy, Oregon.

Honoring Our Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, veteran Ginger Apprich joined our podcast to share her experience in the Navy. She reveals what she's most proud of from her service and how we can best support our veterans.

Ginger is the Community Relations Director for Ovation Heartwood Preserve in Omaha, Nebraska, managed by Arete Living. It was in the service that she discovered her passion for senior living.

Meet Ginger by listening to this special episode of the podcast!

A Love for Family & Creating Homes: Albert Castaneda’s Story

Albert is a man of many talents, with a passion for project management and development. His journey began in Milwaukie, Oregon where he grew up, and now calls Keizer, Oregon home. Albert has a civil engineering degree and his career began in designing residential and commercial developments. He joined Avamere in 2010, which later launched Point Development Company, serving Areté Living communities.

Get to know Albert and his love for family and serving seniors.

A Lifetime of Adventure & Culture: Anne Rosinus’ Story

Anne’s unique upbringing, which she calls “backpack child,” took her to 42 different countries. Her childhood shaped her outlook on life and what makes her the incredible independent woman she is today. Get to know Anne’s life journey from moving to the United States and how she brings experiences from many cultures to Ovation Heartwood Preserve in Omaha, Nebraska.

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