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Three Senior Living Communities Partner with LivNow to Ease the Moving Process

Three Arete Living-managed senior living communities are partnering with LivNow to ease the moving process for seniors and lift burden from their families.

As of November 2022, incoming residents and families of The Stafford in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Ovation Sienna Hills in St. George, Utah, and Ovation Heartwood Preserve in Omaha, Nebraska can now take advantage of these professional services at no additional cost to them.

“We’re thrilled offer LivNow’s professional relocation services for our seniors and families,” stated Thomas Cloutier, Chief Marketing Officer with Arete Living. “It removes an incredible amount of work and the stress that accompanies it to allow them to focus on making important decisions for themselves or their parent.”

Here are some of the incredible benefits of this complimentary service.

Relieving the stress of moving

LivNow is a relocation services company that aims to make moving as stress-free as possible for seniors. After 25 years in relocation services, Maureen Longoria and Lisa Burns saw an opportunity to improve fragmented senior relocation services.

They founded LivNow as a solution for seniors and their families. The company's goal is to help seniors live their best life now by providing dedicated relocation specialists who can help seniors with everything from downsizing to selling their homes.

“Our whole goal is to help them live their best life now by helping them,” stated Maureen. “That’s where LivNow came from.”

FREE moving services for seniors

One of the most significant benefits of this partnership is that there is no additional cost to the family to use LivNow’s services. In fact, seniors will save money through LivNow, as they’re able to procure competitive rates through their partners. They don’t need to worry about unfair quotes, as LivNow experts are there to advocate for their clients.

“We do all the heavy lifting, and you just make good decisions for yourself,” Maureen stated.

They also offer seniors and their families peace of mind by vetting each of their suppliers, ensuring they have background checks, proper insurance, and meet high standards of service. This agreement protects senior living communities and ensures seniors receive quality service from trustworthy providers.

Bridge loans

Another financial benefit of LivNow's services is their bridge loans. The company works with a national mortgage provider to offer competitive rates to seniors who need assistance with financing their move. This service can be especially helpful for seniors in the moving process.

Move on your timeline

LivNow customizes their services to what their client needs, including a personal move timeline, temporary housing arrangements, storage options, estate sale assistance, and more. The LivNow team works with seniors and their families to determine what services they need and will support them throughout the process.

The senior living communities' staff will also be able to track the progress of each move, ensuring that everyone is informed and up to date.

Dedicated to customer satisfaction

The LivNow team prides themselves in top customer satisfaction. They send surveys to every family at the end of each move, and the feedback is sent to all providers involved. This feedback helps LivNow improve its performance and the performance of its providers continually.

Today the team is thrilled to maintain top customer satisfaction, with all those surveyed as of March 2023 stating they are very satisfied with LivNow’s services and would recommend them.

Move with peace of mind

LivNow's partnership with The Stafford and Ovation is an excellent service for seniors and their families making the move to senior living.

These relocation services offer families peace of mind, relieve the burdens of the moving process, and help seniors feel better about their decisions. Seniors can move with confidence, knowing they have a dedicated team of relocation specialists with LivNow and senior living specialists within The Stafford and Ovation supporting them every step of the way.

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