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Honoring Healthcare Heroes During Assisted Living Week

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Avamere Living team members nominated assisted living heroes in honor of National Assisted Living Week, celebrated September 12-18, 2021. It’s an opportunity to honor the work of healthcare workers in assisted living communities and thank them for their dedication to enhancing the lives of seniors.

Praise for assisted living heroes

Of the 57 incredible nominations, here are some of the glowing remarks employees shared about our assisted living crew.

Annie Maxey, Housekeeper, Avamere at Newberg

Annie Maxey, Housekeeper, Avamere at Newberg

One of her biggest Attributes Is her Beautiful Smile. There is never a time that you come across Annie that she doesn’t have a big friendly smile for you which in turn makes you smile. She brightens everybody’s day including the employees and residents.

Carol Wait, Memory Care Executive Director, Ovation Heartwood Preserve

Carol Wait, Memory Care Executive Director, Ovation Heartwood Preserve

Carol feels for our families and schedules weekly visits to check on their loved ones and provide updates to all out of town family members.  As she is also an RN, she takes time to assess how they are doing and are they safe in their home.  She actively connects them with resources and then follows up to ensure they are taken care of.  We are so lucky to have Carol as part of Ovation Heartwood Preserve and see her passion in action on a daily basis.

CJ Bartlett, Certified Nursing Assistant, Avamere Health Services of Rogue Valley

He will do anything for anyone, no questions asked he is the description of a team worker and dedicated patient advocate.

Joy St. Claire, Breakfast Cook/Baker, Avamere at Newberg

Joy St. Claire, Breakfast Cook/Baker, Avamere at Newberg

Joy has been with Avamere at Newberg for 15 years. She is a prime example of an Avamere Hero. Joy is a very talented baker and all of our many residents over the years have raved about her.

Kelli, Aide, The Arbor at Bremerton

She fiercely exhibits passion for quality of care, quality that is obvious, respect, and fun.  Every time she enters the room, she brings such a vibrant, positive energy.  She ensures all residents are well groomed, positioned correctly for meals, and that they are cared for in the most dignified way.  She is truly a ray of sunshine in the building and will do whatever needs done to provide excellent care to residents.

Kelly Quichocho, Dietary Aide, The Arbor at Bremerton

Kelly is such an amazing dietary Aid/caregiver. She goes above and beyond the expectations of a dietary aid. She assists in feeding the residents that need more help, she brings a light into the dining experience whenever she is there. She assists the CNAs and others with getting the residents up for the day, getting them to the dinning room for meals and almost ALWAYS has a smile on her face when she does it. She is hard working and always early. Her attendance record is on point, and when asked to do “extra” things, does it without complaint.

Kylee Sommer, Med Tech and Caregiver, Avamere at Cascadia Village

She is kind and compassionate and sweet. And has always put others ahead of her. So she is a hero. I am her mom and she is my HERO.

Mary Nichols, Resident Care Manager, Avamere at Waterford

Mary always will go above and beyond for our residents, even now we have opened up a covid unit and she was the first to go into the unit. She is the true meaning of a HERO.

Nicole Hanna, Executive Director, Avamere at Cheyenne

Nicole Hanna, Executive Director, Avamere at Cheyenne

Nicole has come into our community and fixed the culture so rapidly. She has raised the stakes in every department and set the bar high but attainable. This community really needed a strong leader but what we got was a hero.

Pamela Baldridge, Executive Director, Suzanne Elise

She’s one person that anyone can count on. Especially helping out on the floor and advocating for not only her resident’s but staff members’ needs. She strives for quality in everything she does and is just an all around fantastic leader.

Rolando Faundo, Dietary Aide

Residents love him, he always makes them laugh.