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Adoption, Family, & Service: Jackson Williams’ Story

In April, people and companies around the world celebrate diversity in their teams and communities. Together we recognize and celebrate the unique attributes that each individual brings to our organization and world.

In honor of Celebrate Diversity Month, we’re highlighting Jackson Williams, Director of Sales and Outreach with Avamere at South Hill in Washington, managed by Arete Living.

Jackson’s adoption

Jackson’s story is a testament to the power of diversity and the impact it can have on one’s life. Born in Calcutta, India, Jackson was adopted at two months old by a couple in Washington state.

Growing up as an only child, Jackson found support and community through the Washington Association of Christian Adoptive Parents and his church, where he connected with other children in his area who were adopted from around the world.

“I didn’t have blood related family,” Jackson shared, “but I grew up feeling like I had a lot of support and a large family.”

Embracing his Indian heritage

Jackson values diversity and cultural understanding. He embraced his Indian heritage and his parents connected him with outlets to explore his culture, including attending annual retreats and eating at Indian restaurants.

Though he has found little information from his thorough research to locate his biological family, Jackson continues to treasure his heritage and those he holds close.

Childhood experiences

Jackson has fond memories of food with his family and friends, including his great-great grandma's dumplings at Thanksgiving.

“Holidays were meant to be shared,” Jackson stated. “We opened our homes to our friends and those who didn’t have that type of environment to celebrate.”

Jackson’s favorite childhood memories involve spending time by the water, and his love for the outdoors led him to stay in the inland Northwest.

Passion for senior care and more

Jackson’s passion for helping others and making a difference led him to a career in senior services over 15 years ago. He saw a need for change and wanted to be an agent of change, advocating for marginalized and overlooked seniors to receive the services they deserve. Jackson views his role as an educator and resource, helping seniors navigate a poignant time in their lives.

He finds joy in giving back to his community, especially when it benefits the elderly.

In addition to his work in senior living, Jackson has a deep love for the outdoors, music, cooking, and spending time with his Golden Doodle puppy, Beau.

He’s also a talented woodworker, and has created end tables, jewelry boxes, ornamental fish, and more. Jackson gives away some of his creations as an elf alongside Santa as part of the Senior Action Network of Eastern Washington, which he’s done since 2016.

“That's a hallmark tradition of my holiday season,” Jackson shared.

Celebrating diversity

Jackson lives his life with a “pay it forward” mindset. He shares that coming from being born in adverse circumstances, he feels blessed to have a thriving life in America. Jackson was the first of his family to attend university and today uses his talents to bless others.

As we celebrate Diversity Month, we can all learn from Jackson’s example of embracing our unique backgrounds and experiences, while also honoring the diversity that surrounds us.

“Respect, honor, and celebrate the rich diversity we’re surrounded with,” Jackson challenges fellow team members. "Take the opportunity to engage with the beauty that lies within that.”

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