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7 Adorable Love Stories to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Your heart will skip a beat when you read these seven beautiful love stories from our very own residents across our Avamere Communities. These heartfelt stories share the journey of love through challenges, happy memories, and of course, laughter.

Get to know these valentines below!

Carl & Kay

Carl and Kay’s life together started with a weekend trip as their first date. Once the happy couple got married, Carl was deported and missed his first two anniversaries while serving our country. Discover their life together, including the hardships, fond memories, and life today as Kay resides at Avamere at Sandy's memory care community in Sandy, Oregon.

Allen & Sharon

After Allen's wife passed of cancer, he never thought he'd be able to find someone that he could share his faith, family, and life with. A little less than a year later, mutual friends of his introduced him to Sharon and they hit it off.

He wined and dined her, taking her to nice restaurants to try to impress her, but in the end, what earned him his first kiss was his stir fry making skills. He was known as the stir fry king and when he was in the kitchen one day cooking dinner for the two of them, they shared their first kiss! They were married a short while later in the same house of the friend that introduced them.

The happy couple had a beautiful blended family, Sharon with three boys and Allen with a boy and a girl. All of them are still connected as a family to this day. Allen and Sharon have been married for 34 wonderful years. When asked what the secret to their successful married was, they answered, "Find someone who shares the same faith and values as you, and make sure you make an adventure out of this life with them."

Today Allen and Sharon live happily at Avamere at Park Place, an assisted living community in Portland, Oregon.

Carol & Terry

It was love at first pickup line! Despite a cheesy first impression, Carol gave Terry a chance. Now their love has spanned decades, from living in Germany, filling their yard with flowers, telling stories to grandkids, and now living at Avamere at Bethany, senior living in Beaverton, Oregon.


"He has been my rock. He is everything to me," Mary shares of her husband. Hear Mary share what she loves most about her spouse and how they navigate life's challenges.

Today Mary and her spouse reside at Avamere at Cheyenne, an independent and assisted living community in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marie & Mike

It's never too late to fall in love again! Mike and Marie, both widows for several years, met at Avamere at Oak Park, assisted living in Roseburg, Oregon. When Marie moved in, it didn't take them long to build a strong friendship and now they are inseparable! They play bean bag baseball together, share all their meals, and enjoy outings with each other's families. It's been wonderful to see such “young love” at the ages of 82 and 91.

Jack & Melba

Embark on a heartwarming journey through time with Melba and Jack's extraordinary love story, celebrating 66 years of enduring love and companionship. This enchanting article takes you through the milestones, challenges, and cherished moments that have shaped their remarkable bond.

From the early days of courtship to navigating life's twists and turns, Melba and Jack's story is a testament to the enduring power of love. Discover the secrets behind their lasting connection and be inspired by a love story that spans over six decades at Avamere at Bethany, senior living in Beaverton, Oregon.

Bill & Janet

Cheers to 60 years! Bill and Janet celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on February 2, 2024, amidst the romance of Valentine’s Day.

This charming couple's journey began on the streets of Downtown Ephrata. From their small-town beginnings to cherished memories in Moses Lake, Washington, filled with laughter and adventures, Bill and Janet's love story unfolds with warmth and resilience.

As they share the secrets to their enduring bond and offer valuable advice for younger couples, join us in discovering how their love, respect, and shared values inspire us all. Currently residing at Avamere at South Hill, assisted living in Spokane, Washington, Bill and Janet continue to savor the joy of life together, leaving a timeless legacy of love.

These love stories from our cherished senior living residents remind us that love is a treasure worth celebrating. May your own love story be filled with joy, laughter, and a lifetime of cherished memories. Happy Valentine's Day!

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