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Women’s History Month Highlight: Kristi Lott

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This Women’s History month, we’re excited to celebrate the stories of trailblazing women, whose work and contributions have made a significant impact in our family of companies. Today, we’re celebrating Kristi Lott.

Kristi began her healthcare career at Queen Anne Healthcare 25 years ago on February 27, 1996 as a certified nursing assistant, while still serving in the United States Armed Forces.

As her career progressed in the healthcare industry, she became a licensed practical nurse (LPN) in 1999 and a registered nurse (RN) in 2015. She also served as a staff development coordinator before becoming the Director of Nursing Services in 2018.

Building the Queen Anne Healthcare team

While the demands of skilled nursing facilities often require agency support to hire staff, Kristi has continued to seamlessly recruit and retain nursing staff for Queen Anne Healthcare, keeping the facility agency-free. Her team respects and admires her, and most of her new staff members come through employee referral for this reason.

Senior care in the age of COVID-19

Beginning April 23, 2020 and continuing through early summer, Queen Anne Healthcare suffered the largest COVID-19 outbreak in Seattle, Washington.

“That was my worst day,” Kristi recalled.

The virus impacted the senior community quickly and infected both residents and staff.  Two employees tragically died from the virus, including one of Kristi’s peers of 24 years, who had worked with her on the same floor as a CNA in 1996. While a third of the facility’s nursing staff fell ill or resigned, Kristi stayed and worked 7 days a week and 12 to 15 hours per day to make sure the staff and residents were comfortable and the facility followed every possible intervention to keep people safe and healthy.

Laura Schraw, RN, with Queen Anne Healthcare, shared:

“Kristi took it upon herself to make sure that her staff had priority in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.  Kristi telephoned, faxed, and emailed every health department, pharmacy, university, senator, congressman, mayor, governor, and anyone else that could help get her staff on a list to receive the vaccine. The staff was rewarded by her efforts in being some of the first healthcare providers to receive the vaccine in King County.”

Kristi’s perseverance and commitment to the facility, her team members, and residents and the role of Director of Nursing Services was incredible.

Heartfelt words of appreciation for Kristi

Kristi’s intrinsic compassion and drive in her work is evident in what her team members say about her. Here are a few heartfelt words from team members and those who have had the pleasure to meet her.

“Kristi considers her greatest accomplishment to be her transition from staff development coordinator to Director of Nursing. I think her greatest accomplishments are the little things she does every day to take care of people and show them compassion when they are at their most vulnerable. Those are the tender moments that go unnoticed.”  Erin Doss, Administrator, Queen Anne Healthcare

“Kristi is a self-made woman. She worked full time while raising her family. She furthered her education while working full time. Now that her family is almost all grown, she could decrease her stress level – but no, she took on the role of Director of Nursing Services at Queen Anne Healthcare, and for that we are all very grateful.” Laura Schraw, RN, Queen Anne Healthcare

“Kristi has helped assemble an amazing, diverse, and committed staff at Queen Anne Healthcare. Her leadership has helped create an incredibly successful collaboration between Harborview Medical Center and Queen Anne Healthcare in caring for a vulnerable and marginalized population of patients from the largest county hospital in Washington state. She has consistently been responsive to the needs of her patients, staff, and clinicians while balancing the demands of helping to effectively run a skilled nursing facility during a pandemic.” Thuan Ong, MD, MPH, Medical Director, UW Post-Acute Care

“Kristi is an incredibly compassionate, empathetic nurse and leader. She consistently puts the needs of the residents first and always goes above and beyond. She never gives up, no matter how complex or big the challenge may be. I am so thankful to have Kristi as a trusted partner at Queen Anne Healthcare!”  Jenny Roraback-Carson, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, University of Washington

About Kristi

Kristi was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana on February 11, 1969 to a family of five. She served loyally in the military for seven years. Kristi married and settled in Tacoma, Washington with her now late husband Clarence where she had five daughters, Celeste, Kristina, Haley, Alexis, and Camille. She is a grandmother to four girls and one boy.

Two of Kristi’s daughters followed in her career path, becoming LPNs and graduating from the same school as their mother, Clover Park Technical College (pictured above).

Today, Kristi is a grandmother to four girls and one boy and resides in Tacoma, Washington near four of her daughters.

This article was submitted by Erin Doss, Administrator at Queen Anne Healthcare.


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