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Stories of Dads to Celebrate Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all dads! We celebrate all who hold this special role in any way. In honor of Father's Day, we asked our teammates, residents, and their families to share their stories of fatherhood. Here’s what they shared.

Larry Gooldy, Executive Director, Avamere at Seaside

What advice would you give to young dads?

Partnership – Everyone needs Dad and your time. Be ready to give of yourself for the benefit of your family. It will return to you as rewards in the future.

Be you at home – You are no longer on stage. Attend the school play, make time for the recital, go on a date night. Fall asleep on the couch holding someone you hold dear.

Jonathan Mahurin, Brand Manager, Areté Living

Pictured: Jonathan and his son, Jonathan’s dad

What does fatherhood mean to you?

Fatherhood is a gift given by God to help me understand His heart for everyone in the world. The moment my daughter and son were born a desire to protect, care, love, teach, and guide each one of them was also born. Fatherhood is both a lesson, and a responsibility; one that should be embraced. With it comes fear, joy, mistakes, happiness, tears, hope, love, pain, adventure, an empty wallet, and a full heart.

How has your father inspired you?

My father was a hard working man with integrity, a deep desire to know truth, and understand mystery's. He was an inventor, but fought with fears that kept him from truly realizing his dreams. I learned most from his mistakes, and honor his successes as a father who truly did the best he could. I did not have a strong connection with him, but that is the very reason I desire and work for that connection with my children.

What do you love about being a father?

That special connection between a father and a child. It cannot be manufactured or purchased, yet it is of utmost value. As a father I desire to strengthen it, and grow in it.

What advice would you give to young dads?

Your children are unique and special. There will never, in the history of the universe, be another copy of your child, and you play the largest role in protecting and shaping that uniqueness. Treasure and build your connection as the most valuable thing in the world. Help your child know that they are loved, and that love is only valuable if it is shared.

More stories honoring fathers

In honor of Father’s Day, two of our teammates shared stories of fatherhood.

Livia Thompson, Sr. Life Enrichment Director with Avamere at Bethany, shares the story of her dad - what he taught her, the hobbies they share, and fun memories.

This year we re-share a story of fatherhood from Thomas Cloutier, Chief Marketing Officer with Areté Living. Written during Father’s Day 2022, Thomas shares his story of meeting the love of his life and raising their two girls.

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