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Mental Health Resources for Seniors & More

This month and every day through the year, mental health is important. In honor of Mental Health Month in May, we’re sharing mental health resources and help lines available to the public, including seniors.

Public Mental Health Resources

These resources offer options for calling, texting, or chatting online.

Mental Health Resources for Seniors

Administration for Community Living: resources, programs, and agencies covering a range of topics, including substance abuse and mental health

National Council on Aging: resources for older adults, caregivers, and more

National Institute on Mental Health: mental health resources for older adults, plus access to hotlines

Mental Health America: information and resources for anxiety in older adults

Suicide Prevention Resource Center: information on suicide risks and protective factors for older adults, plus info on the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Mental Health Resources by State

Here are mental health resources available in the states we serve.



New Mexico:


Lines for Life: access mental health services and crisis lines like the below

  • Suicide or mental health crisis: 988

  • Behavioral health support: 1-800-923-4357

  • Help for alcohol and drug use: Call 1-800-923-4357 or text “Recovery Now” to 839863

  • Racial equity support line (emotional support and resource referrals for those experiencing racism, microaggressions, discrimination, and more): 503-575-3764





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