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Family Business: 3 Ruvalcaba Siblings Serve on Avamere Sales Team

Updated: Mar 20

In three of our active Avamere senior living communities, amidst the hum of activity and the warmth of shared stories, three siblings stand united in their mission to serve seniors with unwavering dedication. Meet Cristal, Martin, and Beatriz Ruvalcaba – siblings with a fierce competitive spirit and a profound commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Get to know these siblings, their most memorable childhood experiences, why they all joined Avamere, and what drives them every day.

The Ruvalcaba’s competitive nature instilled in childhood

The Ruvalcabas grew up with a big family of six kids – five girls and one boy.

Their competitive spirit that drives them in their careers today was instilled from a young age through sports and playful rivalries.

They grew up playing sports. Cristal, the oldest of the three, played soccer. Martin, the youngest, did football and wrestling, and later powerlifting and Muay Thai. Beatriz did gymnastics and ballet as a child, then soccer and volleyball as a teenager. Now she lifts weights.

“We like to try to outshine each other,” Cristal stated.

The Ruvalcaba siblings have always pushed each other to excel, celebrating victories and supporting one another through challenges.

Fun memories

The Ruvalcaba siblings have a lot of fun memories together, from sports, to playing jokes, and even running around the neighborhood.

They fondly remember hanging out with friends. One time their playtime got a little too exciting! A friend lit off some fireworks that landed in dry grass and sparked a fire. The siblings acted quickly and successfully put out the fire before the firefighters even arrived.

“We’ve always got each other’s back,” Cristal shared.

As siblings do, they also picked on one another. Beatriz remembers a particular funny memory when she told Martin he would turn into a girl if she touched him with an eyelash curler. He ran outside barefoot towards their older sister who was getting the mail – and Cristal and Beatriz still remember this funny moment to this day.

Martin remembers freestyling. His brother-in-law would send him music tracks to make freestyles, and he remembers editing in the back of the car.

Today the siblings still share their close bond. Cristal and Beatriz enjoy taking their kids out, Cristal with her 6-year-old boy Thiago and Beatriz with her 8-year-old boy named Ray. The two sisters also enjoy attending church and having a girl’s night with wine and music.

Martin and Beatriz work out together on Sundays and study about the economy and trading. Beatriz shared she learns a lot from Martin in this area, and the two enjoy learning together.

The Ruvalcabas join Avamere

Cristal joined Avamere first as the director of sales and outreach at Avamere at Park Place in Portland, Oregon. She served there from 2018 to 2022, before accepting a promotion at Avamere at Bethany in Beaverton. Cristal became a Senior Director of Sales and Outreach, serving as a mentor for fellow sales directors.

She reached out to her younger sister Beatriz, who took the role at Avamere at Park Place in October 2022 and later transitioned to Avamere at Hillsboro in November 2023. Beatriz had been seeking a new career opportunity and was excited to enter the senior living industry.

Martin joined just over a year later in December 2023 at Avamere at Newberg in Newberg, Oregon. He was living in Iowa at the time and preparing to move back to Oregon.

“My sisters are so good at what they do,” Martin shared.

Martin’s sales experience goes back to his childhood, when he and his mom went door to door every Tuesday to sell bread from her bakery.

He’s excited to be at Avamere to build connections in the area and help seniors, all while having the support of his sisters.

Enhancing lives of seniors together

Cristal, having served Avamere for five years, enjoys providing seniors a solution for a better quality of life. Growing up, she saw her grandma sick and promised her she would one day help improve seniors’ quality of life.

“Now I get to help seniors find that quality of life,” Cristal shared. “Every time I help a senior, I see my grandma in them.”

Beatriz is also reminded of her grandma on the job, especially when she meets a senior who is a bit resistant to exploring senior living (as her grandma was also resilient).

“It's a privilege to serve them with this transition,” Beatriz shared. “I like to connect with people and understand where they're coming from. You learn from them and get to know them.”

Beatriz is one of Cristal’s mentees as part of the Mentorship Program.

“She’s my mentor, and I think she’s a good one,” Beatriz shared. Even though Cristal isn’t Martin’s mentor, she helps him when needed, especially during his first few weeks as he was adjusting to his new role.

“I enjoy helping others,” Cristal shared. “I get to help my mentees wherever they are.”

The Ruvalcabas have advice for those considering working in senior living sales.

“It's very rewarding in many ways,” Cristal said. “We don't have our grandparents here since they live in Mexico. I have hundreds of grandparents now. I find that beautiful.”

Beatriz shared: “It offers the opportunity to make meaningful differences in lives of seniors and their families. You have to navigate with empathy and professionalism. Our title may say sales, but when you have empathy and professionalism, that's where emotional connection can come. Overall this role requires compassion, resilience, and commitment to serving others.”

Serving seniors with passion

In the bustling halls of Avamere, the Ruvalcaba siblings continue to shine, united by their shared purpose and unwavering commitment to serving seniors with compassion, integrity, and excellence.

Stop by one of their senior living communities one day to get to know more about them – and even ask them for a tour and complimentary lunch if you’re considering senior living for yourself or a loved one.

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Avamere at Hillsboro – independent living cottages and apartments, assisted living, and memory care in Hillsboro, Oregon

Avamere at Newberg – assisted living and memory care in Newberg, Oregon

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