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Celebrating Women at Arete Living

March is Women’s History Month, celebrating economic, political, and social contributions of women.

Meet Inspiring Women at Arete Living

The 2023 Women’s History Month theme is Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories. Meet some of the women at Arete Living and discover their stories, including their passions, who inspires them, life experiences, and more.

Click the video playlist to watch. Select the hamburger icon in the top right to browse and select videos.

Arete Living President Sarah Silva Shares Her Story

In honor of Women's History Month, Arete Living President Sarah Silva joins the podcast to share about her career journey – from caregiver to president, motherhood, and leadership in the senior living industry.

Get to know Sarah in this exclusive interview hosted by decorated Culture and Diversity Strategist Zanele Mutepfa-Rhone.

Inspirational Women Throughout History

Celebrate Women’s History Month with us! Follow Arete Living on social media to watch these videos through the month and learn about inspirational women who impacted our world.

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