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4 Women at Areté Living Share Their Advocacy During Women’s History Month

To celebrate Women’s History Month, four women at Areté Living share their stories and how they live this month’s theme: Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. From supporting Pride, advocating for children in foster care, uplifting women’s voices, and supporting the Alzheimer’s Association, each of these women have an incredible impact in their circles to help promote inclusivity and belonging.

Get to know them by watching their videos!

Maddie Almodovar

Executive Director, Avamere at Sandy

Maddie is passionate about education and promoting LGBTQIA+ rights. She encourages people to get to know others as that makes a world of difference in how we view them. She married her wife Brynn in August 2023. Together they support Pride by attending parades and rallies (especially for trans rights) and enjoying drag shows together.

Zanele Mutepfa-Rhone

Culture & Diversity Strategist

Zanele’s unique experience growing up in a diverse family with nine siblings inspired her career path as a diversity and culture strategist. She advocates for diversity with a passion to unify people and celebrate what makes us each unique. Zanele founded the Here to Stay series, celebrating women across the world and the incredible work they do in their communities and industries. Zanele is passionate about promoting environments where every person feels they belong.

Shaelynn Miller

Communications & Content Manger, Areté Living

As a former foster parent, Shaelynn is passionate about supporting foster parents and children in foster care. She is dedicated to introducing her children to different perspectives early on and teaching her children that every family is different and special in their own way.

Jennifer Svoboda

Director of Quality & Compliance, Areté Living

Jennifer is passionate about recognizing people as individuals, treating them with respect and identifying how we can learn from them. She enjoys getting to know team members and residents during her visits to senior living communities, discovering their perspectives and experiences. Jennifer supports the Alzheimer’s Association and their work for those who live with and care for those with dementia.

To discover more ways Areté Living celebrates Women’s History Month and cultural moments through the year, visit



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