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Zanele Mutepfa-Rhone

Board Member

A Zimbabwean born immigrant and graduate of Portland State University, Zanele Mutepfa-Rhone is a culture and diversity strategist, speaker, activist, and philanthropist. Inspired by a lineage of Zimbabwean women leaders in her family, Zanele is the founder of a Here to Stay, a women’s speaker series celebrating the stories of change-making women in the world.

From working for Anderson Cooper at CNN and building global curriculum at Sesame Street, to spearheading the diversity and inclusion initiative and assisting in the creation of the first women’s marketing business for adidas North America, Zanele is a recognized thought-leader in her field. Zanele’s creative and community focused spirit has propelled her to contribute to notable brand strategies including Nike’s Until We All Win campaign. She also consults with Arete Living, leading and supporting initiatives for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Zanele’s passion for equality for all people continues to present itself in her chosen projects and clients. She’s utilized her perspective in classrooms, boardrooms, and newsrooms to educate individuals on the power of inclusivity and global awareness. As a culture and diversity strategist, Zanele pushes the envelope by relentlessly proposing disruptive ideas that promote diversity throughout companies, while ensuring every community’s voice and identity is represented.

Currently based in Portland, Oregon, Zanele spends her time fully immersed in her passion for building community, creating opportunities for talented minorities and cultivating signature concepts for her consulting projects.

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